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[Illegibilus] Olly S. by tiiRex-kun [Illegibilus] Olly S. by tiiRex-kun

The new year has come which means... revamp..!! :iconfealsplz:
Just added and updated some infos here and there sdfkjdsfa o(----<
EDIT [08.25.2014]: Added Relationships! and casually tweaked the app a bit :iconming3plz:

Old App


• Name: 
Olivia G. Shevington

• Nickname(s):
Olly, Pancake, Crackpuff, Superpuff, Idiot/Stupid Girl, Oily Sheveron
• Age: 
15 years old

• Gender: 

• Height: 
142 cm / 4'8"

• Weight: 
48.5 kg

• Birthday: 
April 24

• Nationality: 

• House: 

• Year: 

• Personality: 

Unfortunate | Playful | Mischievous | Boisterous | Optimistic | Hyper-Active | Messy | Loyal | Simple-Minded | Expressive | Cracky | Fearless

boyish and playful child, Olly is the exact type of twat one does not want near their cauldrons. She's loud, hyperactive and can be rather foolish, with the ability to drain one's energy to exhaustion if one ever bothers to humour her. She loves to have fun and go around spreading the joys in life, no matter how bleak the situation is or how horrifying her potions homework becomes.

She's a caring friend as well, helpful (maybe too helpful) and devoting, though one may question her loyalty to friendship when music is around. She is an avid music-lover (and amateur musician), encouraging others to find the beauty and wonders of muggle music, though at times, she can be a little over-the-top in her obsession love.

She is terribly unorganised and a mess, though it's only because her mind tends to be too fast for her body so she easily forgets. Her favourite quote would be "There's no time like the present!". She is also very, extremely, expressive; her face always showing what she's thinking or about to say, also in sync with how she's feeling. Thus, at times she can be as open as a book. At times, she makes weird faces for no apparent reasons, as if stuck between two different emotions and looking somewhat constipated. She also makes a lot of arm and hand gestures, in which she almost always accidentally slap others with her sleeves from her constant flailing.

She can be a tad bit weird at times, her quirky habits might scare a few people off. But truly, her heart is in the right place (she hopes) and her intentions may or may not be true. She tends to be thickly dressed during warmer seasons and lightly dressed on colder seasons, even she doesn't know why.

She loves flying on broomsticks. Really loves it. She likes to think of it as if she's climbing a tree and is sitting on a tree branch except, well, it's moving. In air. Like Superman. She likes Superman too.

:new:She is an unintentional troublemaker, not realising what she does is wrong or right as long as she is having fun, though at times she has to correct herself because it's a "superhero thing to do". She's obviously a Superhero wannabe. She would always attempt her heroic acts, though at times they may be a bit biased. Her energy seems to be endless, in which she looks as if she might literally explode in uncontained excitement she was even called a crackpuff for that.

Unfortunately, she is loyal to a fault. No matter how wronged a person is, if she considers you her buddy, she would see past all the faults (though she may reprimand and smack you for it). Another trait of hers is being overly happy, not caring whether she was insulted, teased or made fun of. She would either always be in good humour or would jump right back to being a-okay in just a matter of seconds (she may or may not have a few loose screws here and there).

However, if she does feel offended, she would hold a grudge (until they would take it back or until she had exacted the right amount of revenge to feel satisfied). She has a bit of trouble socialising with serious-acting/looking/seeming people, not knowing why if they were to find her irritating and bothersome.

She acts rather fearless for someone her age, though it may be due to the fact that not only is she clueless 90% of the time but she too does not value her life as much as she values others', causing her to be careless and reckless risk-taker.

One of the things she's most known for is for being very very misfortunate, causing not only harm to herself but to others as well, unintentionally, of course. 

• Background:

Olly was born in a family of muggle musicians, so naturally, she would be quite musically-talented as well. She lived a fairly ordinary life, surrounded by music and mayhem, the reason why she didn't expect much for her future.

She would spend her days climbing trees, swimming in lakes, chasing pigs and disrupting the peace of her mature, younger cousin - much to the chagrin of the young'un - then be merry back at home with music and pie.

Plagued by the normalcy of her daily life, she would wish that something extraordinary would happen (perhaps an alien invasion, or a visit from dragons, maybe suddenly becoming part of the Ghostbusters?), but alas, nothing of the sort would happen.

By the age of 10, she had discovered that she had wizard abilities, but despite it being what she always wanted - something that is out of the ordinary - she was baffled by it and was rendered clueless on how to deal with it. Thus, she hid it most of the times, not knowing what to do with it and how capable she was with it.

By the time she turned 11, she had received her admission to Hogwarts, much to her surprise and the delight of both her parents and cousin (though he didn't show it much because he is a "mature" twat). As celebration for her admission, she was given a harmonica by her parents as a good luck gift for her journey to becoming a witch.

:new:Over the years, despite having a bit of a trouble trying to socialise with others, she had made quite a few close ones by the 4th year, to the point where she would literally jump into danger for them. She had managed to fill her Arsenal of Friendship List with people that she enjoys being with and hopes to fill in more.

Now with the 5th year rolling in, due to the recent events, she has begun to mature intellectually (albeit a whole lot slower than normal), hoping to become more of an asset than a liability to others. The fact that she knew she had grown rather attached to the friends that she had, it had made her question the safety of her friends and the the student body in the premises especially with the recent deaths that has been occurring. 

• Family:
Oliver William Shevington (Father) - Muggle | Musician
Silvia Anne G. Shevington (Mother) - Muggle | Music Teacher

Jacob Seth Hakebourne (Paternal Uncle) - Muggle | Travelling Entrepreneur 
Ophelis Wilhelmina S. Hakebourne (Paternal Aunt) - Muggle | Travelling Saleswoman
Owen Jacob Hakebourne (Cousin) - Muggle-Born Wizard | 5th Year Ravenclaw

• Likes & Dislikes:
+ Music & Siiinging~!
+ Harmonica (and different types/kinds of musical instruments)
+ Animals (specifically, small rodents)
+ Broomstick flying, Playing/Watching Quidditch Games
+ Snow Day, Rainy Day, Sunny Day (any day that is a good day)
+ Climbing Trees & Being Upside-Down
+ Adventuring & Pranking 
+ Superheroes & Ghostbusters
+ Having fun, though at times, those get her into trouble
+ Hanging out with her buddies (generally, not being alone)
+ Giving others odd nicknames (usually based on first/second impressions)
+ Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans & Chocolate Frogs (basically, anything she can put into her mouth-)

- Getting caught doing trouble
- Potion brewing
- Getting constipated after eating questionable things
- Bad people, basically
- Death

• Elective Classes:
Study of Ancient Runes

• Extra Curricular: 
Muggle Music
Hogwarts Orchestra (Clarinet)

:new:• Spells: 
Alohomora | Unlocking Charm - Unlocks non-magical locks.
Reducto | Reductor Curse - Causes a solid object to explode spectacularly.
Avis / Pisqu | Flocking Charm - Conjures a flock of small birds that emerge from the caster's wand.
Stupefy | Stunning Spell - Temporarily stuns an opponent, rendering them inert for a few precious seconds.
Oppugno / Awqana | Assaulting Hex - Causes conjured objects or creatures to attack a victim.

• Wand Ingredients
Length: 10 inches
Core: Unicorn Core
+ Most consistent in magic
+ Least subject to fluctuations and blockages
+ Unicorn hair needs replacing once in a while
+ Compatible with Charms & Transfiguration

Wood: Cedar
+ Strength of character & Unusual Loyalty
+ Carries the potential to be a frightening adversary
+ Particular skill in protective spells
Flexibility: Slightly Springy
+ Good for crafting spells
+ Cheerful, Optimistic, Very Big (Usually Overactive) Imaginations

Additional Info:
- Believes that she isn't the Olivia type of person and prefers to be called Olly rather than Olivia
- Sometimes, she even forgets that her name is Olivia
- Too irresponsible to own any pets atm, animals pretty much hates her as well
- Is able to play a few muggle instruments (which includes the piano/keyboard, violin, acoustic guitar, ukelele, drums, clarinet, saxophone and the triangle - mostly just the basics)
- She carries her harmonica everywhere and plays it when no one's around (shes not confident in playing it since it she self taught it to herself)
- Her supposedly best subject is Muggle Music, most obviously Charms (bt she does rather okay in Transfiguration)
- She's horrid at Potions, she tends to forget what to do or how long it needs to stew
- She tends to fly upside down by hanging onto the broom with her knees, which can give people seizures really (she basically just likes hanging upside down a hell lot)
- Likes to wear her cloak like a superhero cape most of the time
- Despite her short stature, she has quite an amount of strength from constantly climbing tree, hanging upside down and swimming.
- In the Quidditch Team, Hufflepuff Beater & owns a Cleansweep Eleven (it was a present to her from her parents in her 2nd Year)

:new:• Relationships:

Arsenal of Friendship List

• Achievements:
1000 House Points by rowApril Fools 2014 Badge by rowBlood Moon Badge by rowFinis Badge by rowQWC Badge by row

Olly Shevington (c) tiiRex-kun
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